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Notes to my N-081 students @ STIKOM Bali

Guys…how are you all doing? Well, here are my comments to your writing homework. Check this out:

Hi Adi,

It’s good to read your story. Just don’t forget to use ‘verb 2 or past form’ when you tell about past experience. Anyway, it’s a good writing and good experience too. Keep being a hard-worker and may your dream come true…:-) Thanks,

Andre Maure

Hi Jordi Saputra,

I totally agree with your life motto; ‘as long as you have will to learn and study, surely you can do everything. There were some mistakes in your writing especially in grammar.he..he…but it’s a good story. Just never give up and keep practicing, bro! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Satia Wiratama,

Your story is a bit funny…I think you should be a boxer as you used to fight when you were a kid…(just kidding).He…he… I like to read your story. I know it’s hard when you don’t enjoy the lessons…but think about your future. Someone cannot be successful if he never works hard. So I hope you could study hard so you can reach your dream to be a civil servant!


Andre Maure

Hi again Dyah,

So sorry that I lost your paper work. He…he….

I saw some mistakes with the grammar and spelling…hope you have checked after seeing my reply. Always be careful in writing and also in speaking. Keep doing your best and wish you good luck for everything, Dyah. May all your dreams come true…🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Arya,

We had the same dream…I wanted to be a soldier too when I was a kid. But everything changes as time goes by….and finally I ended up here in Bali as an English Lecturer …🙂

So, just let life bring you to wherever it has destined…only do your best wherever you are.

Please write more next time and be careful with the grammar and vocabulary, Bro..!


Andre Maure

Hi Agus Darmawan,

I like reading your story, bro! Well, it’s OK to make mistakes sometimes…that’s normal coz nobody’s perfect and that’s the process of learning. The most important thing is that you can learn from your mistakes. Keep up with the good work and good luck for your job and study.


Andre Maure

Hi Sri,

That’s a nice story. I’m proud of students like you as you could work while you’re still young. It’s really a good experience. Don’t worry about any mistake; just learn from it! G’luck…:-) Thanks, Andre Maure Hello Gede Suardana, Your story is very simple…please do more next time, Bro! He…he…Keep practicing and being a hard-worker and a good student too. Wish you good luck and all the best for you…:-)


Andre Maure

Hey Anom,

The writing is short but OK. Hope you can do better next time. Keep on studying hard and always do your best. G’luck 4U, Bro! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hello Agus Siswadi,

It’s a simply good story. I hope you could always manage your time to work and study. Don’t just play football and watch football match all the time. he…he…(just joking). Anyway, always do your best and good luck for everything! Thanks,

Andre Maure

Hey Nurjaya,

Are you always so busy at work?! He…he…the writing of your biography was very short. But, the content was OK. Just do more and improve next time. Wish you all the best, Bro! 🙂

Peace, Andre Maure

Hi Irul, The writing was very good. They story was cool…only few mistakes made. But I hope that you could learn from those mistakes. Keep up with the good work and keep improving. Wish you the best for your study.


Andre Maure

Hey Andika,

The writing was too short than I expected…:-) Actually, you could tell more about your experience especially about your work. I think you could do it, bro. Please improve next time and be careful with the diction. Good luck with your work and study. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to you…(sorry if it’s late. he…he…).


Andre Maure

Hi Aditya,

I saw some mistakes in your writing, but it’s a simple and good story. Just be careful with the grammar when writing. Always practice and do your best. Good luck with your work and study as well.


Andre Maure

Hi Vandhe,

That a simply nice story, Bro! Only a few mistakes with the grammar…but it’s all OK. Keep practicing and always do your best. 😉


Andre Maure

Hey Kardiana,

Nice to see you again in my class! He…he… I hope you’re not nervous anymore being in this class though some of your friends are better than you. Somehow, you can be like them. So, just study hard. I believe you can do that, Brotha! Oh ya, your story is good actually, but the grammar was not OK. But keep practicing and never give up, Bro. 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Sinar,

Honestly I was touched by your life story….so impressed and I’m proud of you. It’s really a great experience and part of it; you just showed me good skill in writing. Well, I just made some corrections as needed. Keep being a tough and strong girl as life is not always easy.

Wish U old da BesT,

Andre Maure

Hi Febri,

Your funny story made me laugh…it’s nice despite of the grammar mistakes. Keep doing good and always study. Just don’t be shy, but be confident. All the best for your study and may your dream to be a computer specialist come true someday… 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Gede Wardana,

It’s a long good story. Somehow, it’s just like word to word translation and there were some grammar mistakes…but it’s no problem coz that’s the process of learning. Hope you could do better next time. Just be careful with the grammar. Well, g’luck with your work and study!


Andre Maure

Hi Novi,

It’s an interesting story for sure. Only the mistakes in writing that you should be careful with. So keep practicing and keep studying so you will be better next time and hopefully you can reach your dream too…:-)


Andre Maure

Hey Manik (Lala),

It’s good to read your story as it is cool. You have good experience too. In your writing, I saw little mistakes…but, they’re just OK. Just be careful with the diction and grammar…(and the boyfriend too. He…he…just kidding). All the best with your part-time work and study. 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Ari Asta Wiguna,

It’s good that you still remember your childhood memories (with all happy and boring stuff). Hopefully it’s not always ‘waiting in vain’ as Bob Marley also used to say that; everything gonna be all right.He…he…There were some error in your writing but the story was cool. I like reading it. So keep on practicing and all the best for you, Bro!


Andre Maure

Bonjour Eddy, I’m so stoked by your writing. It’s really a good story. You’ve got great experience in life. Though the childhood memory seemed to be so boring but I believe the trip to the European countries especially France have taught you good lessons. All the best for you, Bro!


Andre Maure

Hi Ahmad,

You wrote a short simple story…but it seems to me that you really enjoyed your childhood experience. I was happy to read your writing especially about your football winning team. Hope you could still be a good captain in your study to win your dream someday. Keep doing your best, Ahmad and make your family proud of you….!


Andre Maure

Hey Nia,

What a cool writing! Only few mistakes with the spelling and grammar, but you have a wonderful life story…though there were lots of troubles in your life. Somehow, you’ve gone through them all and I believe those things have also taught you to be an independent person. Wish you good luck with the secretary job and the computer study…:-) Cheers,

Andre Maure

Hey Dwi,

I’ve read your story and been so proud of you. Your high schools especially the vocational one had given you a good experience to be a good student. One thing for sure; there is always a good reward for a hard work. And I believe that you are a hard-worker too…so just manage your time to work and study well. Wish you good luck in everything, Brotha!


Andre Maure

Hi Niswa,

It’s a good writing and you’ve been so active in some organizations. I hope it goes along with your success in studying. Don’t forget to stay focus on your study and always put it as number one. Keep doing good and good luck for you…:-) Cheers,

Andre Maure

Hullo Yudi,

That’s a good writing and a nice simple story as well. It would be just better if you could tell more like the reason why you study at STIKOM Bali or about your dreams in the future. Well, I hope you can improve next time. Good luck with your study and always do your best!


Andre Maure

Hi Andhie,

I was wondering what Jonathan means or what story is behind it. He..he…you should have written it so your writing would be quite long and interesting to read (my suggestion for your practice). But it was cool, Bro. Just do more next time. Anyway, I’m proud of you as you’ve made such good decisions to work and also to study. All the best 4 U…! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hey Sigit,

It’s like a brief writing of your life story…I just thought that it would be cool if you could write of some experience in studying at high schools or from your work place. But it’s just OK. Hope you could improve next time. All the best for your study and career…:-)


Andre Maure

Hey Ambara,

It’s good to read your simple writing about the biography. I saw only a few mistakes there, but you already realized them. Always remember to use verb 2 or past forms regarding the past events. Be careful with the diction too. Wish you all the best for your work and study. All the best for you, Bro! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Ngurah,

It’s a simple but good writing. There were only a few mistakes with the grammar but it’s not a big deal. Btw, you must have lots of friends after moving from one place to another place. There must have been lots of experience too. Well, keep doing good and g’luck for you…:-)


Andre Maure

Hullo Arif,

Glad to see you again in my class. He3x… Everything was OK with the writing but you should tell more about your experience about moving from one place to another and also working in several places. It helps you to remember them and to practice wrting at the same time. I hope you enjoy studying here with your new friends. Keep up with the good work! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hi Hadiana,

I think that you should always improve your English. I saw some mistakes with the grammar and vocabulary. But, your story is good. Just keep on studying and always do your best. Good luck for you…:-)


Andre Maure

Hey Wahid,

Happy birthday for you. It’s surprising to me as we have the same birthday, Bro! I’ve got a question for you; Does Wahid mean ‘the only one’ or ‘the last one’? He…he…Btw, I’m deeply sorry about your Mom and Daddy. But I believe that they must be smiling upon you from heaven above. I’m proud of you too. It’s a very good writing and a great experience too. Life is not as easy as we think sometimes, but I know with all the experience, you’ve become a strong and tough man. Keep struggling and doing your best. G’luck for your work and study, Wahid…! 🙂


Andre Maure

Hey Putri,

I never knew that you once became a teacher. It’s good to know that and I’m proud of you. You’ve got a lot of experience too. Your writing would be just better if you could tell more about your experience. Hope next time it will be better and always try to do your best…:-)


Andre Maure

Hi Ngurah,

It’s a simple but good writing. There were only a few mistakes with the grammar but it’s not a big deal. Btw, you must have lots of friends after moving from one place to another place. There must have been lots of experience too. Well, keep doing good and g’luck for you…:-)


Andre Maure

Hey Susanto,

The writing is short but OK. One correction; you should change the word ‘school’ into ‘study’. Well, life is like a winding road that goes up and down. Sometimes we succeed, but sometimes we fail. Somehow, you’ve learned from both success and failure. G’luck 4U, Bro!


Andre Maure

PS: I’ll CU all in the class! 🙂


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A Trip with Some Friends

Sunday, 15 March 09
I’d decided to join Nick and Agus to go to SIngaraja on this day. So I just joined the morning service in the church .
It was 09.35, when I arrived home from church as I live not far from it. I just got a message from Nick thay he would be 15 minutes late from the appointement (10am)
So, I went to the gas station for some gas. I was on my way to the gas station when Agus told me that he’s late too…but the good news was EKo would come along with us. It gave me some time I thought before preparing stuff as everybody was late.

After filling the tank up, I went to a small warung for breakfast. Then I went back to my boarding house to prepare stuff before going to Singaraja. After a few minutes, Agus came and told me that we needed to go to Kuta first to pick Eko up as he couldn’t bring his motorbike. When we’re on the way to Kuta, I saw a message from Nick at the traffic light at Simpang Siur while waiting for the light to turn green.
Nick had already waited at the Kerebokan market while buying some fruit. I didn’t have a chance to reply his message as the light was turning green.
So, I went straight to Eko’s house with Agus following me from behind. It didn’t take much time to get to his house as it’s just in Tuban area. There we met Eko who seemed to be ready to go with us. While he’s saying goodbye to his family, I replied Nick’s message;telling that we’d be at the market in about 10 minutes.
When EKo’s ready, Agus and I started the motorbikes and left for Kerobokan Market to meet Nick. He must have been waiting there I thought.he…he…
After about 10 minutes we arrived there, so I called Nick that we’re just waiting for him near the traffic light. Agus then went to a gas station near the crossroad while Eko and I were waiting for Nick. After a few minutes Agus came and then Nick came along. So after introducing Eko to Nick, we left for Singaraja through Tabanan which is actually closer to Negara. As we had been in Kerobokan, we decided to go through Dalung. On the way, Agus led us to a material store for woodcarving. From there we continued our trip and stopped at a gas station in Mandung, Tabanan. Since it’s not far from my aunt’s house, we just stopped to call in. Unfortunately, my aunt and my cousin sister had just left for the village. We just met my cousin brother, Oka. I just introduced him to my friends, then we bid farewell to Oka.
When we’re about to get to the main street from my aunt’s house, Nick suggested us to getsomething to eat as he hadn’t got his breakfast. I knew that there’s a warung not far from there. So we got our lunch at around 12.10pm. After I paid all food and drink, we continued the trip at 12.30pm.
I enjoyed this trip as I could see beautiful natural places in Tabanan area; the rice-fields, hills and mountains, trees, the beaches – so wonderful. Suddenly we had passed Soka beach, a place that I had ever visited with mr. Viard and KS-3 students of Wearnes Bali. As the trip was quite long, Agus made us stop at the border of Tabanan and Negara.
We ate some fruit that Nick had bought and drank some softdrink Agus and Eko bought at one of the small warung at this place. We were so happy to be near the beach at this place.
After being satisfied with this beautiful place, we then decided to continue the trip…..(to be continued)

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Old Memories

Kinda surprised to check all my old files that I’ve been keeping for years…and guess what?? Some of ’em are my notes on diary when I was still a student at Wearnes Malang. It made me feel …. funny. Here they are:

Nice 2CU…!
Dear Diary,

Tadi malam aku ngobrol sama Frans di kamarku sambil mendengar lagu-lagu yang aku putar di komputerku. Aku share ke dia kalau aku lagi ingin dekat sama seorang cewek di kampusku, Wearnes. Aku tertarik sama cewek itu, tapi sesungguhnya aku tidak tahu harus memulai darimana. Aku tidak tahu namanya dan aku tidak pernah berkenalan denganya.
Satu hal yang aku ingat adalah aku sempat ngomong sebentar dengannya ketika aku hendak kuliah komputer pada hari Rabu. Saat itu aku tahu kalau kelasnya sedang ada ujian English. Aku kaget saat aku masuk ke lab F, aku melihat dia dan satu temannya. Saat itu aku melihat Polly sedang mengerjakan program FOXPRO yang hendak dikumpul keesokan harinya. Aku heran kenapa dia ada disitu, tapi aku tidak berani menyapanya apalagi menanyakan sebabnya.
Untunglah setelah beberapa menit kemudian aku mendengar temannya bercanda, “Eh mamaku jatuh”. Aku menoleh kebelakang karena saat itu ia dan temanya sedang duduk tepat di belakangku. Aku hanya bisa tersenyum dan kembali menghadap komputer didepanku. Namun aku masih memasang telingaku saat ia memberitahu temannya kalo aku menertawai leluconnya tadi. Saat itu aku tahu kalo aku punya kesempatan untuk berbicara sekedar basa-basi dengannya. Sejurus kemudian, aku bertanya, “lho Kok gak kuliah?”. “Sudah keluar. Khan ujian!” jawabnya. Akupun memujinya sambil berkati, “oh cool, it’s good!” Dia hanya tersenyum.
Kejadian inilah yang aku ceritakan pada Frans. Aku sangat bahagia bisa berbicara dengannya meskipun hanya sebentar. Aku ingin mendapat kesempatan lain yang lebih lama untuk berbicara dengannya. Frans mengatakan kepadaku bahwa aku tidak perlu kuatir, karena waktunya akan tiba jika kita ingin dekat dengan dia. Kesempatan itu akan datang sendiri. Kita tidak perlu ragu dan kuatir untuk menyusun rencana ketemuan.
Apa yang dikatakan Frans itu memang ada benarnya. Hari ini setelah kuliah komputer aku dan beberapa temanku mengadakan latihan drama untuk ujian bahasa Inggris selasa besok. Kita menggunakan salah satu ruangan yang tidak dipakai di lantai III. Saat hampir selesai latihan drama, aku mendengar suara gitar dimainkan oleh anak-anak PD. Tandanya sebentar lagi akan diadakan ibadah. Setelah latihan dramanya selesai, aku berkata ke Faruq kalau aku hendak mengikuti ibadah. Saat itu juga aku melihat cewek itu sedang duduk dengan Yenny yang saat itu kaget melihat aku sambil berkata, “Eh Andre, kamu disini ternyata!” Tanpa membuang waktu aku langsung menyalami Yenny, dan dia. Saat aku menyalaminya Yenny berkata, “Oh ya ini kenalin temanku!”. “Melinda!” katanya. “Andri!”, jawabku. “Melinda darimana?” tanyaku. “Probolinggo”, ia dan Yenny menjawab dengan serempak. “Satu SMA lagi!”, tambah Yenny. “Kok kelihatan gak kompak!” candaku. Mereka hanya tersenyum sambil berpandangan.
Setelah itu akupun ikut ibadah seperti biasanya meskipun minggu lalu aku gak sempat ikut. Akhirnya aku pulang dengan sangat bahagia.

Does God really exist?
Dear diary,

Sore ini aku ke GKI Bromo untuk ibadah. Sore ini Pdt. Ida Kristin Sainipar yang mimpin ibadah. Aku sangat senang mendengar khotbah sore ini. Renungannya terambil dari Lukas 24: 13 – 35. Firman ini menceritakan bagaimana Tuhan Yesus menampakkan diri-Nya kepada orang di Emaus. Tuhan mengahalangi penglihatan mereka sehingga mereka tidak mengenaliNya. Tapi Ia kemudian membukakan mata mereka sehingga mereka dapat mengenaliNya.
Saat ini aku tidak ingin mebahas ayat itu, tapi aku ingin menulis ilustrasi yang aku dengar dari pendeta sore ini. Ia memberi ilustrasi tentang seorang anak kecil bernama Dion. Anak ini senang memanjat sebuah pohon mangga yang berada di dekat sebuah sungai meskipun ia sudah berkali-kali dilarang oleh ayahnya untuk melakukan hal itu.
Pada suatu hari, Si Dion ini kembali memanjat pohon mangga tersebut. Karena keasyikannya memanjat, ia tidak sadar bahwa ia telah memanjat sangat tinggi. Ia baru tahu kalau ia telah berada di ujung paling tinggi dari pohon mangga tersebut, sehingga merasa takut sekali. Dalam ketakutannya, ia kemudian berteriak dengan kerasnya untuk minta tolong. Sesaat kemudian banyak orang datang mendekati pohon itu setelah mendengar teriakan Dion. Mereka kemudian memintanya untuk turun sambil berkata kamu tidak apa-apa. Tapi si Dion malah memanggil ayahnya. Ia tetap saja merasa takut untuk turun kebawah meskipun ada banyak orang disitu.
Namun ketika ia melihat ayahnya datang dari kejauhan, ada sebuah harapan yang pelan-pelan menghilangkan rasa takutnya. Ketika ayahnya tiba di bawah pohon itu, ayahnya memandangnya. Ayahnya tidak marah, namun ayahnya berkata, turunlah, ayah ada disini, ayah akan menolongmu. Saat itupun Dion langsung turun tanpa merasa takut karena ia benar-benar fokus kepada ayahnya, yang ia yakini selalu dapat menolongnya. Sehingga ia mengabaikan semua orang yang datang mendahului ayahnya. Meskipun orang-orang yang ada disitu sama tinggi dengan ayahnya bahkan jumlah mereka banyak, namun Dion hanya percaya kepada ayahnya.
Ilustrasi itu mau mengajarkan kepada kita bahwa fokus kita itu akan selalu membuat kita tertuju ke fokus itu. Kita tidak akan pernah peduli dengan apa yang ada di sekitar kita. Sama halnya ketika kita terfokus pada semua masalah yang kita hadapi, maka saat itu kita tidak akan merasakan kehadiran Tuhan di sekitar kita. Apabila masalah itu teramat besar, kita akan merasa ragu apakah Tuhan itu benar-benar ada disisi kita dan memperhatikan kita. Tapi sebaliknya ketika kita selalu fokus kepada Tuhan maka, kita akan merasakan kehadiran Tuhan. Kita akan selalu ingat janji-janji Tuhan untuk selalu menyertai. Sebagaimana pemazmur berkata bahwa ia takkan takut sekalipun ia berjalan di lembah kekelaman, atau berjalan di antara bayang-bayang maut. Kita akan merasakan bahwa Tuhan itu sungguh menyayangi dan mengasihi kita dengan tulus dan setia. Semua yang Tuhan berikan sungguh indah dan amin.
Saat mengikuti ibadah ini, aku menerima sms dari temanku. Setelah ibadah itu, aku membaca sms itu. Temanku berkata bahwa apa yang aku katakan kepadanya itu benar dan ia berterima kasih kepadaku untuk apa yang aku katakan padanya. Malam sebelumnya teman saya menanyakan apakah Tuhan itu adil? Jika Tuhan itu hadir mengapa ia memberikan masalah yang berat kepadanya. Ia mengatakan bahwa itu semua bullshit. Tapi setelah saya mengatakan bahwa terkadang masalah-masalah kita yang berat yang kita hadapi kadang-kadang membuat kita merasa bahwa Tuhan itu tidak adil. Namun kita harus tetap positive thinking bahwa Tuhan pasti memiliki rancangan yang indah di balik semua itu. So, all we have to do is thank God for everything we have no matter what happen! Thank You, Lord for loving me, my family and my friends!

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An encounter with some fellas

Last night, Nova called me to tell me that Kyle wanted to see me. So I said that I’d be at the hotel in about 30 minutes. It’s not hard for me to find the hotel, J-Boutique as I came here often during the 1st Asian Beach Games in October last year.

WHen I parked my motorbike, I saw some security who welcomed me friendly. A bell boy there gracefully opened the door when I was about to enter the lobby. I just sat down in the lobby while calling Nova. At first, I could reach her on the phone (maybe she left her mobile I thought). Then I went approaching the receptionist who was talking on the phone but noticed that I needed some help. Then she asked her friend to serve me at the time. But in the middle of asking the guest name for the room, Nova picked the phone and asked me to just wait for a moment. Then I went back to the sofa while waving my right hand to the receptionist as a thank you sign for their effort.

A few minutes later, I saw Kyle walking down the stairs. Then I said, “Hello Mr. Kyle, good 2CU again! Been very long time…How have you been?” Then in stead of answering my question, he simply said, “Hey Ama, apa khabar?” with his American accent. He speaks very good bahasa Indonesia. So to I did speak in Indonesian too after wards.
We talked of so many things and experiences…so wonderful after 3 years we never met. He’s been so nice and kind to me since I met and knew him. I always remember him saying; “Kalo susah bekerja disini, silahkan ke Malang ato telpon saya karena saya punya position untuk kamu!” (still with the American accent). It’s so nice to hear about that…
I said, “Terima kasih!” (while whispering how wonderful God is to send a friend like Mr. Kyle).

After about 15 minutes, I saw some people who seemed to be so familiar coming in to the hotel lobby. They’re some Access staff who then called by Kyle to see me. While we’re talking, Donna came from upstairs to join us. Then all the memories during my time living and joining Access for its gatherings in Malang slowly came into my mind as Donna tried to recall all the things we did with some friends there. It’s so good to remember them all and made me wanna go back there again.he…he…

After that, I took Ricky to Bounty for some beer and went back home. Well, I hope you guys enjoy your holiday here in Bali and should see you by the end of this month…:-)

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Progressio English Club on Valentine’s Day

Hello guys,

PROGRESSIO English Club @ LPBAPada sibuk ngapain nie?! Well, entar lagi bulan Februari, bulan yang penuh dengan kasih sayang just because Valentine’s Day tuh jatuhnya pada tanggal 14 bulan ini (baca February). Bersamaan dengan itu, LPBA pengen ngenalin Prime English Club-nya yang diberi nama “PROGRESSIOwhich comes from a Latin word meaning development and advancement. Nah, soft opening-nya sendiri akan diadain pada hari yang penuh kasih sayang ini; Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009 … Well, momen yang tepat untuk ngadain “gathering” sekalian ngerayaain Valentine’s Day.

OK, balik lagi ke “Progressio English Club” nie….! Dari namanya, club ini merupakan sebuah komunitas kecil yang memberi kesempatan buat smua orang yang punya minat atau interest yang sama dari berbagai background yang berbeda untuk saling berbagi sambil belajar bahasa Inggris. Buat siapa aza yang pengen gabung dalam komunitas ini, LPBA bakal welcome dengan senang hati. Entah status kamu siswa, mahasiswa, atau bahkan yang udah gawe maupun pengangguran….LPBA tetap welcome kugg!:-) N One more thing, ga ada batasan usia juga untuk gabung Progressio English Club…yang penting kamu punya semangat, motivasi untuk belajar bahasa Inggris dan mau share pengalaman kamu dengan bahasa internasional ini.

So if you are interested n pengen punya teman2 baru, gabung aza disini. Pendaftaran n membershipnya cuma Rp.10,000,- (Ini dah termasuk; handout / material copies, snacks & drink). Program yang akan dikemas dalam “gathering” ini adalah “games, songs, group discussion, & free chatting session” di akhir acara dengan mengusung tema ” Valentine Sharing Night”. Dan yang bakal bikin seru….ada Native Speakers-nya juga  lho….!  So buruan daftar di Front Office LPBA: Jl Teuku Umar Barat / Marlboro 27 Telp. 0361 490670 Denpasar. Deadline pendaftaran sampe hari Kamis, 12 Februari 2009 (Tempat terbatas).


Andre Maure

(Coord. of English Division)

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Groupo Senzala Bali

Two weeks ago on Friday, Nick Nolan who’s teaching the English course at LPBA came with Yonta to see me. Yonta is an Australian woman that’s about to replace Nick teaching in January. I was happy coz Nick finally found someone who could replace him as this has made me headache thinking of what would happen to the ENglish course when Nick leaves. Thanks God, he’s bringing Yonta with him. After saying hello, Nick just went upstairs as he had to teach the class, then I talked with Yonta about the English course; the materials, the students, and the target. After making a deal with Yonta, I took her upstairs to join Nick’s class as she wanted to know and see it. As we came into the class, Nick was explaining a material to the students. He was asking the students to construct the Berimbau (one of the musical instruments played on Capoeira) that he’d split to be 5 items. Kinda funny though…! -)

But right before the construction, he asked the students, me, and Yonta to play a word game called “Word Association”. He was holding an aqua bottle  watching each of us playing the  game by mentioning a word which was associated to the previous word mentioned. The first time I didn’t have any idea, then Nick knocked my head twice as the punishment of making a mistake. As Nick didn’t explain about the rules of the game, I protested him..he..he… and he said sorry and we played again until I gave up and one of the students came out as the winner. Very fun! -)

When the class was over, we talked about Capoeira and I told Nick that I’d like to join it. Then Yonta said; “yeah come on…we just need more people to join and have fun there!” Later on, we decided to meet on Thursday (the very next week).

So on Thursday last week, I kept on thinking about this martial art from Brazil and couldn’t wait to join it. Though I had to teach a class at 5pm this day, I still felt OK as I would finish at 6.30 and had one hour to go to Oberoi to practise it. But, when I tried to call Nick around 3.30pm, he didn’t answer my phone and I was a bit disappointed. “Never mind!” I said to my self coz I still had another time or chance to join it next time. So at 5pm I just started teaching and had fun with my students. When the class was finished, I just started to think about going to Oberoi again, so I sent Nick sms. Luckily, he called me and said sorry as he didn’t know that it was I who called him as I used the office number. Then he asked if I would like to join the Capoeira, so I said, “Yupz!”

Later I went to Oberoi to the place where we’d practise the Capoeira. There I met some nice people. Then Nick arrived and just laughed to see me there as I arrived before him. Then we the instructor came, we started with the warming up and did the game and the dance. I had a lot of fun though I was very exhausted practising. There were more than 20 people at that night; some from California, Canada, Spain, Bali, Java, and Nick from Ireland. It’s really a mixed community! I saw some girls and they were very good doing this stuff! Wew… -) Nice….and at the end after cooling down, we beginners introduced ourselves. When I was introducing my self, Nick who was sitting beside me just told the people that I was his boss and everybody said…Oh..see! I said come on, Nick…just don’t lie. But then I told everybody that he’s my boss here and they laughed as Noko, the Capoeira instructor welcomed me as the new member.

After the introduction, people started to show some great moves, jumps, and dance. So wonderful….! Then Nick taught me to stand with my two hands and did like push up while my feet are up straight. So difficult but it’s cool stuff. When everything was offer, Nick invited me to go to a small warung to get something to drink with some other people. It’s really wonderful coz it’s just like being in a western community and everybody spoke English. It then reminded me of my old memory with the Gathering community at Access in Malang where I used to hang out with some Americans there.

After drinking my favorite juice Avocado and chatting with some people I went back home and arrived about 10.30pm. Time ran so fast and I fell asleep as  I was exhausted. What a great new experience I thought even though this was my first  and the last time practising Capoeira with Gupo Senzala Bali in 2008. But, I’ll be joining it again in January after I get back from my home town, so see you all later guys….! -)

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Song that I love the most!

I went to Sakura last Saturday and bought some DVDs. I wanted to buy Transporter 3, but the quality had not been good. So I just bought some other movies and a song DVD. The cool thing is I’ve found a song in one of the DVDs entitled “Redeemer” by Nicole C. Mullen and I keep listening to it every time. Really touches my heart…! Love it…love it…love it…:-)

Click here if you want to listen!

Thank you God that You live and take care of me, especially when I’m down and broken. Thank You that You always comfort me when I’m sad. Thanks for all the forgiveness….I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow but I believe that You’ll always be there for me. Thanks for all your blessing and everything that You’ve done in my life. Thanks for the bad times and good times too. I do hope that You always bless everyone I love.


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Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree

Last Thursday, the alarm rang and woke me up at 5am in the morning. I was still sleepy but I had to get up. Urgh…gotta work again!!:-)

In no longer than 5 minutes I’d got my self taking a bath and making a cup of Milo afterwards. I was sitting on my bed while drinking the milk. It was so quiet in an early morning as everyone’s still sleeping. I was then thinking of someone who brought the Milo for me. For a moment, I was wondering of what she might have been doing. She must have been sleeping…and I really wanted to wake her up by calling her, but I realized that I couldn’t do it. So I just got myself ready and left my boarding house. It was still dark and raining a little, but I kept riding my motorbike heading to my campus.

I arrived in my campus in less than 10 minutes. There when I saw some marketing staff that I would help this morning. The street was still quiet at 6am as we’re going to Karangasem. It took us like one and a half hour to reach a school, SMU N 2 Amlapura. I got a chance to promote LPBA in a class (Class XII). I started with an English game and introduced myself before the presentation. The students seemed to pay much attention as I was explaining about LPBA. They were so enthusiastic and quite active in giving questions. After explaining everything, I gave a voucher and some stickers to some students in that class. They were happy with the visit until I said TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).

From SMU N 2 Amplapura, we went to SMU Saraswati in Amlapura. There’s only one class XII here and it was given to me for promoting LPBA. After getting the permission from the principle, I went to the classroom, but the students were not really motivated as they’d just finished doing their remedial test. What a bad experience I thought. He….he….he…!

It’s almost 11.30, when my friends came to pick me up from SMU Saraswati. Then we went to Jl. Untung Suropati to get our lunch in a house on this street. After lunch, we went to a school in Sibetan area, but the students had gone home. We just met some teachers who were still there and we asked them for the schedule where we could have a chance for the presentation at this school. We decided to go home from there. On the way home, we dropped in a small warung to buy some Salak. After eating some, we got into the car and left for Denpasar. We arrived at the campus at 3.30pm. Perfect time as I’d go home at 4pm!:-)

I didn’t do anything at the campus, except checking my emails and friendster. After that, I went home. Then I went to a laundry to get some of my clothes cleaned. I was about to take a rest when I heard a phone call from the campus telling that one of the English lecturers couldn’t come to teach and I had to replace him. So, I just hurried to reach the campus at 6pm and got into the class teaching. I saw only 4 boys in this class and the rest of them were girls. It’s a nice class in the afternoon. As this was my first time teaching, I began by introducing myself though some of them had known me. After that, I continued with the explanation of “using Be and There is or There are”. After asking them to make some sentences, I gave them a review of that material. I went on explaining and ended the class with a short song and a story that made them sad. I even saw some of the girls cried because of the story. What story?!

It’s a story about a man…..that I got from the internet:

Pada tahun 1971 surat kabar New York Post menulis kisah nyata tentang seorang pria yang hidup di sebuah kota kecil di White Oak, Georgia, Amerika. Pria ini menikahi seorang wanita yang cantik dan baik, sayangnya dia tidak pernah menghargai istrinya. Dia tidak menjadi seorang suami dan ayah yang baik. Dia sering pulang malam- malam dalam keadaan mabuk, lalu memukuli anak dan isterinya.

Satu malam dia memutuskan untuk mengadu nasib ke kota besar, New York. Dia mencuri uang tabungan isterinya, lalu dia naik bis menuju ke utara, ke kota besar, ke kehidupan yang baru. Bersama-sama beberapa temannya dia memulai bisnis baru. Untuk beberapa saat dia menikmati hidupnya. Sex, gambling, drug. Dia menikmati semuanya.

Bulan berlalu. Tahun berlalu. Bisnisnya gagal, dan ia mulai kekurangan uang. Lalu dia mulai terlibat dalam perbuatan kriminal. Ia menulis cek palsu dan menggunakannya untuk menipu uang orang. Akhirnya pada suatu saat naas, dia tertangkap. Polisi menjebloskannya ke dalam penjara, dan pengadilan menghukum dia tiga tahun penjara.

Menjelang akhir masa penjaranya, dia mulai merindukan rumahnya. Dia merindukan istrinya. Dia rindu keluarganya. Akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk menulis surat kepada istrinya, untuk menceritakan betapa menyesalnya dia. Bahwa dia masih mencintai isteri dan anak-anaknya.
Dia berharap dia masih boleh kembali. Namun dia juga mengerti bahwa mungkin sekarang sudah terlambat, oleh karena itu ia mengakhiri suratnya dengan menulis:

Sayang, engkau tidak perlu menunggu aku…

Namun jika engkau masih ada perasaan padaku, maukah kau nyatakan? Jika kau masih mau aku kembali padamu, ikatkanlah sehelai pita kuning bagiku, pada satu-satunya pohon beringin yang berada di pusat kota. Apabila aku lewat dan tidak menemukan sehelai pita kuning, tidak apa-apa. Aku akan tahu dan mengerti. Aku tidak akan turun dari bis, dan akan terus menuju Miami. Dan aku berjanji aku tidak akan pernah lagi menganggu engkau dan anak-anak seumur hidupku.

Akhirnya hari pelepasannya tiba. Dia sangat gelisah. Dia tidak menerima surat balasan dari isterinya. Dia tidak tahu apakah isterinya menerima suratnya atau sekalipun dia membaca suratnya, apakah dia mau mengampuninya?

Dia naik bis menuju Miami, Florida, yang melewati kampung halamannya, White Oak. Dia sangat sangat gugup. Seisi bis mendengar ceritanya, dan mereka meminta kepada sopir bus itu, “Tolong, pas lewat White Oak, jalan pelan-pelan. Kita mesti lihat apa yang akan terjadi.”
Hatinya berdebar-debar saat bis mendekati pusat kota White Oak. Dia tidak berani mengangkat kepalanya. Keringat dingin mengucur deras. Akhirnya dia melihat pohon itu.
Air mata menetas di matanya. Dia tidak melihat sehelai pita kuning.
Tidak ada sehelai pita kuning. Tidak ada sehelai. Melainkan ada seratus helai pita-pita kuning bergantungan di pohon beringin itu.

Seluruh pohon itu dipenuhi pita kuning.
Sang sopir langsung menelpon surat kabar dan menceritakan kisah ini.

Kisah nyata ini menjadi lagu hits nomor satu pada tahun 1973 di Amerika. Seorang penulis lagu menuliskan kisah ini menjadi lagu, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree”, dan ketika album ini di-rilis pada bulan Februari 1973, langsung menjadi hits pada bulan April 1973.

I’m coming home
I’ve done my time
And I have to know what is or isn’t mine
If you received my letter
Telling you I’d soon be free
Then you’d know just what to do If you still want me
If you still want me
Oh tie a yellow ribbon

‘Round the old oak tree It’s been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ‘Round the old oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ‘Round the old oak tree

Bus driver please look for me
‘Cause I couldn’t bare to see what I might see
I’m really still in prison
And my love she holds the key
A simple yellow ribbon’s all I need to set me free
I wrote and told her please

Oh tie a yellow ribbon ‘Round the old oak tree
It’s been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ‘Round the old oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ‘Round the old oak tree

Now the whole damn bus is cheering
And I can’t believe
I see A hundred yellow ribbons ‘Round the old.


I finally ended the class and watched the students speechless with the story as I reminded them of how important to have love and forgiveness in their hearts. “Thanks and see you again!” I said while leaving the class that evening.

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I’ll always have you

I felt so bad this morning, but I gotta go to work still. It’s raining outside and made me feel cold inside. But I had to face this day. I’ve just made a promise to myself and I won’t fail this time. I knew it’s not easy and it’s even harder than I’d thought, but I must do it. Thanks for all the good times and thanks for all the memories. I don’t wanna look back again. This is my promise!

Now I just think like Jordin Sparks was right as she sang one of her beautiful songs. This is some part of the lyric that makes me feel all right:

“Sick of playing all of these games

It’s not about taking sides

When I looked in the mirror didn’t deliver

It hurt enough to think that I could stop

Admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind

Sorry but I’ve gotta be strong and leave you behind

You’re on my heart just like a tattoo

Just like a tattoo

I’ll always have you (I’ll always have you)

If I live every moment

Won’t change any moment

There’s still a part of me in you

I will never regret you

Still the memory of you

Marks everything I do”.

I keep listening to this song the whole day. I really like this song and think like this is a comfort to my pain.Thanks Jordin for the cool song.
I feel like I can smile again and forget my sorrow.:-)


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I still believe in U

I went to the airport again today after getting my lunch. I had to pick up Mathieu that would arrive from Kuala Lumpur (KL). I was only with the driver in the car heading for the airport. I felt so bad today and didn’t know the reason why. But one thing for sure; I was thinking about myself and everything that had happened to me. But one the way, I suddenly heard one old song from the radio. It’s “I still believe in U” sung by Vince Gill. What a very old song I said to the driver, but I had never heard it for quite long. It just reminded me of someone and how I felt lonely without her. Wish I could have sung this song for her:

“Everybody wants a little piece of my time
But still I put you at the end of the line
How it breaks my heart to cause you this pain
To see the tears you cry fallin like rain
Give me the chance to prove
And I’ll make it up to you
I still believe in you….”

I was thinking of her now…!

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