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To the One I’m now LonginG

Hey Dear,
There are so many stories I’ve ever read and so many beautiful words that I’ve ever heard, even so many beautiful things that I’ve ever seen. But Every time I see you smile that’s the real beauty I have ever known. N most of all, you’re the greatest story ever told, sweetie!
Thanks God I finally found you!:-)

Missing you!!


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Great People I Have Ever Met

I met these people couple months ago when they came to Bali. On the left is Dr. Choong Yeow Wei, the Vice President of Help University College – Malaysia and on the right is Mickael Dehez, a PhD program student from Blois – France.

It was great to meet these two guys as they have lots of experience. Especially Yeow Wei who has traveled to many countries. He’s the oldest among us but he still has the young spirit….:D

He gave me some advice and motivation. They’re really some of the greatest people I’ve ever met!:-)

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The Last Week but One in July

It was in the last week but one of July. I was working at STIKOM Bali at that moment. I was quite busy coz the Dual students were going to have their final exams and at the same week I had to prepare for the Business Intelligence (BI) Seminar and 3D Modeling using Blender Workshop at STIKOM. Thanks God, there were some friends who helped me a lot in preparing for everything. After deciding “the who’s doing what”. We then prepared everything needed for the seminar.

When the time came, everything was ready. On July 21st, I went to the airport with Budi and Andri – the driver at 1.30pm as the arrival scheduled at 1.55. But, we’re surprised coz Yeow Wei called Budi while we’re on our way to the airport. Yupz…Yeow Wei a.k.a. Dr. Choong Yeow Wei. He’s the vice president of Help University College Malaysia. He came to Bali as the keynote speaker of the BI Seminar at STIKOM. He was with Mickael Dehez who’s going to conduct the 3D Modeling workshop. You could see Mickael and Yeow Wei at the pictures below.

He…he…They arrived earlier than scheduled actually and had been waiting for us at the aiport. Without waiting for too long, we got in the car and went straight to Sanur at they would stay at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Today’s schedule was just picking them up. So, Budi and I went back to STIKOM campus afterwards. We then double-checked all preparation of the seminar and workshop. Everything’s ok and we’re all ready!

I went to the hotel again the very next day as agreed the day before. I came to pick Yeow Wei and Mickael up. It took less than half an hour to get to the campus. After meeting mr.Dadang, I took them to the third floor as we’re about to begin the seminar. I had been appointed to be the moderator so I came up with the greeting to the audience and gave the welcome to Mr. Dadang to open the seminar and workshop sessions. Then Yeow Wei continued with his BI materials. Most of the audience was STIKOM students. There were also some lecturers in this hall on the third floor of STIKOM campus.

Everything ran well until lunch time. We had a one hour break to get our lunch. After lunch, Mickael started the workshop.he…he… Since he’s French and he conducted the Seminar in English and the Audience was Indonesians, you guys could imagine the atmosphere. But, everything was OK except when the lights went out as Mickael was in the middle of playing the animation made using Blender. Finally, we could end the day well despite the hardship and all busy things. He…he… Thanks for the day and everyone who had helped me during the day n may God richly bless you all.

When the evening came, I was still at the campus as there’s still some work left to do. But, we’re going to have dinner at 7pm with Yeow Wei and Mickael. So, Mr. Rusli, Budi and I left STIKOM at around 6.30pm. We headed for the hotel in Sanur and went back to Renon coz Mr.Dadang and the family had waited for us at the restaurant. We had dinner at Puwon Ulam this time. We spent the dinner time chatting with one another, taking pictures and finally left the restaurant around 9.30pm.

Mr. Dadang and the family went home directly, but we went to Kuta coz our guests wanted to spend the night at Kuta. After about half an hour, we had got out from the car leaving Mr. Rusli and Andri-the driver as they would go home. Yeow Wei, Mickael, Budi, and I walked along Kartika Plaza to Kuta Beach area passing the HardRock cafe at night. We just walked and walked till we reached “KamSut”. It looked quiet coz maybe it’s still eqarly.:-) So after some discussion, we decided to go to Obsession Baron jl Dhyana Pura near Legian.

We drank some bottles of beer while watching and listening to the band who was performing the latin music. Some people were dancing in couples. But, Cha-cha’s quite difficult for me. So I just enjoyed the music and the band, and others did too. It was like midnight when we took the taxi to go home, but Budi and I had to stop at the campus first as we parked our motorbikes there. Then I finally arrived home and went to bed!he…he….

What a long day!:-)

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Pemecutan Stadium

Hello again,

How’s life?!:D

I went to LPBA like usually this morning. When I arrived at the campus, I’d seen some staff were busy talking about the Opening Ceremony of GIBT for LPBA new students. I didn’t give any comment. I just greeted everyone I met and went upstairs to enter my room. Then I turned on the computer. Unluckily, the internet didn’t work. Disappointed with this condition, I took my breakfast from the pocket that I’d just bought on my way to campus. Then I heard some people said my name asking where I was. I came out and saw Gunada in front of my room. He asked whether I would follow them to the venue of the opening ceremony. I walked downstairs while saying yes to his question.

At the FO, I saw people were ready and about to leave for the venue. After some talk, we decided to go and I finally went there by my motorbyke together with some other staff. The new students and the committee had been ready for the opening. I walked into the stadium and watched them doing the rehearsal. Then Mr.Agung arrived with LPBA car. He instructed us to get the hats. Everyone got a black-hat of the GIBT. Nice hat and I liked it very much!he…he…

After the rehearsal, Mr. Dadang arrived then we started the opening ceremony. There were only a few students joining this event as that’s the fact. I was hoping and praying that the new students would get high motivation and be serious studying later. They had spent some money for their studies and it would be just useless if they couldn’t get something important as they finished their studies later. Actually, studying’s just like investment right?! I said this many times to the students coz the facts were they invested the money, time and energy. So they should get the profit in the end. Everything ran well till Mr. Dadang released the decorated baloon while Mr. Anggori was busy documenting the event from the start. I took only about 30 minutes to join this opening ceremony, then we decided to go back to LPBA after having some snacks prepared by the committee.

We finally left the new students and the committee continued doing their activities. As the stadium’s very close to the campus, it took me only a few minutes to get back. As I arrived at the campus, I went upstairs directly and tried to figure out what it would be like to have the camping at Bedugul with all the new students. That’s the plan for September 18th actually.

So just wait and see for the surprise. Have a great week for you all n may God be with you…:-)

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September 13th, 2008 – Margarana

I got up early this morning as I had to go to LPBA – my work place, before I went to STIKOM Bali. When I passed STIKOM, I’d seen many new students and trucks that were ready to head for Margarana. It took me anly a few minutes to sign the attendance list at LPBA and then I went back to STIKOM as I really wanted to go to MArgarana. Yupz…Margarana is located in Tabanan, and this was the first time I visited this place. This is a cool place where lies a monument of all heroes n heroins in Bali, especially the one and the most famous I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Before I met the management who would go to Margarana, I checked my email and printed some important documents at the second floor. Then I went to meet Mr. Syam, Ms. Dayu and the management downstairs. We left the campus at around 08.30 am together with all the new students and arrived there one about 45 minutes later.

While the members of the committee were busy with the preparation, I went to the temple to see its beauty. As I entered the temple which was guided by a friend from STIKOM named Wedha, this place looked wonderful. Wedha then told me some things that she knows about this cool place. I walked circling the temple right before the Hindhu students came in to pray. Then I walked to the East Part of the temple where I saw another house surrounded by a pool. There were many fish there. Unluckily, I had nothing to feed them though they seemed to be hungry as I came to see them.

Today was the last day of the orientation for STIKOM new students which had been held since last Thursday, Sept 11th 2008. The number of new students was more than 800. They came here by 14 trucks together with the committees and management. I went with Mr. Didik and crew representing the management. It was nice to see the spirit and motivation of the new students who were happy to join this event. Even though this is Ramadhan and the Moslems are fasting now, but they kept on working very hard to join this event until the last minute. I saw some of them were punished n some others were busy preparing for the Yell-yell as there would be a yell-yell competition in the end. Finally the time came that we had to make the closing ceremony after the yell-yell competition. This was led by Mr Syam continued with the announcement of the competitions’ winners. This all ended a little late than expected. We’re supposed to go back to Denpasar by 4pm, but we just could make it at 5pm finally. We’re tired actually but we’re all happy with this visit. So I’m telling you guys I had a great Saturday.

As I went back to LPBA to sign the attendance list, I met Kadek FO and Anggori who gave me a T-shirt for LPBA new students’ orientation. It’s a very nice T-shirt n I was very glad coz the day before i also got a STIKOM’s T-shirt. It’s a red polo shirt with STIKOM logo. So…lucky!he…he…

It’s been like 7pm I guessed, but I still had some work to do. I had to forward mr. Tony Ellis’ email to my boss and discuss it with Mr. Indri about the English program. This is a good program that will be my primary focus at LPBA for the upcoming semester! So please God help me handle this thing. Then I went back home and had dinner coz I was very hungry. I had felt it since I was writing on this blog.he…he…

How about you guys??

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Flash Back

Sept.6th 2008 – VolunteeR…VolunteeR!;-)

This was Saturday, I went to GOR Ngurah Rai with some friends from LPBA. We’re about to join the training of being the General Volunteer for the first Asian Beach Games in Bali next October 18 – 26th 2008. There were about 450 people coming to this big hall. It took me almost an hour  to pass the registration desk. I was luckier than some other friends coz they had to wait until 10am though they had been there since before 8am.

As the traning sessions started, each presenter came up with their material. We learnt a lot of things today; Sports and Its organizations, Balinese Culture, Venues of Asian Beach Games, Ethics, and also General English used by Volunteers. This was like a full day training, and the bad news is we’re late to get our lunch coz the number of participants was more more than expected. I saw how the HRD and the committee worry about this too. But, it’s finally handled then we continued the training sessions.

After going through the whole sessions, we finally had to wait for the administration and picture-taking. Then we went home at around 6pm. Each participant got Rp.50,000 for this training. So before I went to LPBA, I dropped at Pizza Hut on Jl Teuku Umar to get some pizza. After signing the attendance list, I went back to Pizza Hut to get my order. Then I went back home directly as I had to see my girl who’s waiting for the pizza.

Oh yeach, I was surprised when i got the phone call from the ABG Staff to join the training of NOC Assistants on Monday, Sept 8th 2008. I just agreed after telling the caller that I was joining the General Volunteer training as well. So I made a plan to go to GOR again on Monday and I did….(continued).

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