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Konbanwa, Yuko-san!

Yesterday evening, I went to SIKI at Renon. It’s a place where I do my part time job teaching English. The special thing here is because I don’t teach local people as what I always do at LPBA or STIKOM, but I teach Japanese people. And this time I had a student named Yuko from Osaka, Japan. The schedule was at 6pm actually, but we started a bit late as it was raining at the time and she had to get to SIKI from Sanur which’s quite far. We started the class at 6.30pm in fact. I started the lesson by introducing myself and played the “bullshit game” for the ice-breaker. She seemed to enjoy the game and we laughed, smiled during the class.

After finishing the game, we continued discussing a material about “Friendship”. So I asked her to mention some best friends she had. She said she had three best friends that she met 7 or 8 years ago. She mentioned their names with the meaning of each name as I instructed. Then we explained what the meanings of our names were. It’s just cool to know her full name, Yuko Morikawa. She said there’s a kanji in Japanese for Yuko that means “gentle”, and Morikawa means “forest & river”. So simply said, the meaning of her name’s “Gentle river in the forest”. What a beautiful name I said.

We shared our viewpoints about friendship while she’s answering some questions I gave her. The time ran so fast and we had to end the class at 8pm as I had to go home and get my dinner. Then after waving goodbye, I left SIKI for my home sweet home. Ja mata, Yuko-san!:-)


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