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An encounter with some fellas

Last night, Nova called me to tell me that Kyle wanted to see me. So I said that I’d be at the hotel in about 30 minutes. It’s not hard for me to find the hotel, J-Boutique as I came here often during the 1st Asian Beach Games in October last year.

WHen I parked my motorbike, I saw some security who welcomed me friendly. A bell boy there gracefully opened the door when I was about to enter the lobby. I just sat down in the lobby while calling Nova. At first, I could reach her on the phone (maybe she left her mobile I thought). Then I went approaching the receptionist who was talking on the phone but noticed that I needed some help. Then she asked her friend to serve me at the time. But in the middle of asking the guest name for the room, Nova picked the phone and asked me to just wait for a moment. Then I went back to the sofa while waving my right hand to the receptionist as a thank you sign for their effort.

A few minutes later, I saw Kyle walking down the stairs. Then I said, “Hello Mr. Kyle, good 2CU again! Been very long time…How have you been?” Then in stead of answering my question, he simply said, “Hey Ama, apa khabar?” with his American accent. He speaks very good bahasa Indonesia. So to I did speak in Indonesian too after wards.
We talked of so many things and experiences…so wonderful after 3 years we never met. He’s been so nice and kind to me since I met and knew him. I always remember him saying; “Kalo susah bekerja disini, silahkan ke Malang ato telpon saya karena saya punya position untuk kamu!” (still with the American accent). It’s so nice to hear about that…
I said, “Terima kasih!” (while whispering how wonderful God is to send a friend like Mr. Kyle).

After about 15 minutes, I saw some people who seemed to be so familiar coming in to the hotel lobby. They’re some Access staff who then called by Kyle to see me. While we’re talking, Donna came from upstairs to join us. Then all the memories during my time living and joining Access for its gatherings in Malang slowly came into my mind as Donna tried to recall all the things we did with some friends there. It’s so good to remember them all and made me wanna go back there again.he…he…

After that, I took Ricky to Bounty for some beer and went back home. Well, I hope you guys enjoy your holiday here in Bali and should see you by the end of this month…:-)


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