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A Trip with Some Friends

Sunday, 15 March 09
I’d decided to join Nick and Agus to go to SIngaraja on this day. So I just joined the morning service in the church .
It was 09.35, when I arrived home from church as I live not far from it. I just got a message from Nick thay he would be 15 minutes late from the appointement (10am)
So, I went to the gas station for some gas. I was on my way to the gas station when Agus told me that he’s late too…but the good news was EKo would come along with us. It gave me some time I thought before preparing stuff as everybody was late.

After filling the tank up, I went to a small warung for breakfast. Then I went back to my boarding house to prepare stuff before going to Singaraja. After a few minutes, Agus came and told me that we needed to go to Kuta first to pick Eko up as he couldn’t bring his motorbike. When we’re on the way to Kuta, I saw a message from Nick at the traffic light at Simpang Siur while waiting for the light to turn green.
Nick had already waited at the Kerebokan market while buying some fruit. I didn’t have a chance to reply his message as the light was turning green.
So, I went straight to Eko’s house with Agus following me from behind. It didn’t take much time to get to his house as it’s just in Tuban area. There we met Eko who seemed to be ready to go with us. While he’s saying goodbye to his family, I replied Nick’s message;telling that we’d be at the market in about 10 minutes.
When EKo’s ready, Agus and I started the motorbikes and left for Kerobokan Market to meet Nick. He must have been waiting there I thought.he…he…
After about 10 minutes we arrived there, so I called Nick that we’re just waiting for him near the traffic light. Agus then went to a gas station near the crossroad while Eko and I were waiting for Nick. After a few minutes Agus came and then Nick came along. So after introducing Eko to Nick, we left for Singaraja through Tabanan which is actually closer to Negara. As we had been in Kerobokan, we decided to go through Dalung. On the way, Agus led us to a material store for woodcarving. From there we continued our trip and stopped at a gas station in Mandung, Tabanan. Since it’s not far from my aunt’s house, we just stopped to call in. Unfortunately, my aunt and my cousin sister had just left for the village. We just met my cousin brother, Oka. I just introduced him to my friends, then we bid farewell to Oka.
When we’re about to get to the main street from my aunt’s house, Nick suggested us to getsomething to eat as he hadn’t got his breakfast. I knew that there’s a warung not far from there. So we got our lunch at around 12.10pm. After I paid all food and drink, we continued the trip at 12.30pm.
I enjoyed this trip as I could see beautiful natural places in Tabanan area; the rice-fields, hills and mountains, trees, the beaches – so wonderful. Suddenly we had passed Soka beach, a place that I had ever visited with mr. Viard and KS-3 students of Wearnes Bali. As the trip was quite long, Agus made us stop at the border of Tabanan and Negara.
We ate some fruit that Nick had bought and drank some softdrink Agus and Eko bought at one of the small warung at this place. We were so happy to be near the beach at this place.
After being satisfied with this beautiful place, we then decided to continue the trip…..(to be continued)


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